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We will show you what you need to know when dealing with Canadian pharmacies

Our mission is to provide you with the all the information you need to make an informed online pharmacy decision. We don't sell medication online but we can help you choose the right pharmacy from the many online today.

Medication is definitely cheaper in Canada. That is the good part. But price is only one aspect of your decision. When ordering online you have to be concerned with Safety, Security, Service and finally price. I put Price last because most medicine prices are greatly cheaper in Canada than in the US. So what you want to be sure of is that the meds show up as advertised and on time without incident.

What exactly do you need to know when ordering medicine online from canada?

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  • How to choose from the right pharmacy -
    here you find out what exactly to look for as you go through the pharmacy sites.
  • Are Canadian Meds safe? Canada is about as close to the US as you can possibly get but click Here to find out what you need to know in terms of the medication you are ordering.
  • What does a typical online order entail. This is a step by step guide to get through the order process. What to expect and what to watch out for.
  • Here is a typical price comparison. This chart demonstrates the great deals available in Canada compared to the US as well as a way for you to find the lowest price.
  • The latest Canadian Pharmacy News is also provided by clicking here. You can find online pharmacy reviews and news from the US and Canadian sources discussing the booming industry as well as Pharmaceutical and Government initiatives to curtail the savings to the US.
  • Canadian pharmacy reviews. See which pharmacies meet our criteria.


The Canadian Pharmacy industry has gone through a lot of change lately. Within Canada the industry has been booming but there is much controversy within the various provincial pharmacy associations. If you want to keep up to speed you can sign up for our twice monthly newsletter. Here you will be informed of the latest Pharmacy news, bargains and reviews. For a limited time if you Join you will receive an online coupon to receive $5 off of every purchase at one of our higher rated Canadian Pharmacies. Click here to Join, you won't regret it.

Why are prescription drugs cheaper at a Canadian Pharmacy

Why is medication so much cheaper in Canada? It is because the government limits what drug companies can charge. In the U.S. they charge what the market will bear. Canadian pharmacies with Web sites can sell the same pills to Americans at up to 90 percent less. The U.S. FDA says it cannot guarantee the purity of the drugs from Canada. But the truth is, in most cases, the drugs sold in the United States and the items ordered online from Canada are identical. The savings for one year when you buy prescription from a Canada online pharmacy can be in excess of $2,000! Why not order your medications from Canada?

We hope you find this information helpful. If you think I should dd anything to this site or want me to look into anything please don't hesitate to email me.

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Also note. We are not a pharmacy and wish that you recognize that any service you receive (good or bad) from any Canadian pharmacies online or otherwise is solely the responsibility of the canadian pharmacy you dealt with or are dealing with.

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